Monthly Archives: January 2011

Baby Brayden|Brand new

On Monday, January 17th at 6:05pm, Tiffany and Steve welcomed their baby boy Brayden into the world. I had the wonderful priveledge of being there to capture some of his first moments. It was such an honor to be included in this day in their lives and nothing is more special than the experience of […]

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Baby Owen|1 month


On Sunday I spent the afternoon with Andy, Angela, and their sweet, new baby boy Owen. When scheduling our shoot Angela and I had so much fun chatting on the phone that I knew I would have an even better time in person…and I did! It was a great time, with great people, and I […]

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Baby Maddox|3 months


Last Saturday I got to spend the afternoon with Scott, Lindsay, and the absolutely adorable Maddox. I had so much fun taking pictures this little guy and I am so excited for the shoots in the future as he gets bigger. Thanks so much Scott and Lindsay for letting me hang out for so long! […]

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Betts|Family Portraits


Last weekend I took a drive out to the always beautiful Hood River, where Reuben, Shirlyn, and Evelyn live. While I was expecting snow on the ground when I got there, there was blue sky instead and I am so glad because I love the outdoor shots we got. I have had the pleasure of […]

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Giard twins|take two


I took a some more photos of the adorable Giard twins a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how much babies grow and change in such a short amount of time. They are so sweet and it was fun playing with some new backdrops and hats we had to work with. Here are some of my […]

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